Lincoln MKZ Is a Bona Fide Luxury Car

Posted: May. 13th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: FORD

U.S.-based automaker Ford has brought back the Lincoln brand to create a niche in the market to reestablish itself in the upscale sector of the burgeoning industry. The company is rebranding its Lincoln brand and relying heavily upon the Lincoln MKZ to go head-to head with Cadillacs, Toyotas, and BMWs of the industry.

Its appears to be working splendidly, as Ford has reported a double-digit increase in sales numbers for April 2013 over the previous year’s figures during the same time frame, according to the Wall Street Cheat Sheet.   

As far as sales are concerned, the Lincoln MKZ is doing exactly what Ford needed from its luxury division. April marked the first month of double-digit sales increases since February 2012 and a 115 percent increase from April 2012, with more than 4,000 MKZs sold last month.