Lower Price ... Less Convenience ... Semi-Private Jet Flights

Posted: Nov. 1st, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

There is a lot of innovative marketing occurring in the private-jet industry lately, as many services are trying new flights of fanciful alternatives to lower costs and keep their standards high.

While the companies seek to establish a differential advantage that will keep discerning yet budget-conscious passengers flying on their services, the mix of alternatives is growing more interesting every day.

One such service, Set Jet, recently launched a plan that is not as exclusive but is measurably less expensive, if passengers are willing to be flexible. For a $100 sign-up fee and $100 monthly, customers can book a flight from Scottsdale, Arizona, to Los Angeles for $400 one way.

The flight itinerary is based around the schedule of the first passenger to book it. There are 15 seats in the aircraft, which is a gutted and luxed-out CRJ 200, which originally had 50 seats. While it is not as luxurious as flying totally privately, it also is about 90% cheaper. The company’s breaks even with if it can manage to fly about eight passengers each way.

Two other private aviation firms, Allegiant and Surf Air, also are offering less-frills, lower costs, semi-private flights in this story found in the Review Journal. These alternatives just might fly for travelers going to and fro from limited destinations only.