Luxury Sailing Yacht with Automated Sail Control

Posted: May. 10th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Morris Yachts

With the assistance of an interface, a 52-foot sailing yacht can be entirely controlled by an individual, reports Wired. A job that previously required a crew of three is now doable by one.

Automated controls operated by an elaborate interface can enable one person to navigate the ship without leaving the helm. The M52 of the Morris M Series uses hydraulics to move the boat for appropriate furling. All of the lines are concealed beneath the deck.

Automated sail handling is a technology itself dates back to 1902. There are several manufacturers that produce systems. Be aware that it is not a solution for newbies, searching for a quick answer to make up for their lack of sailing expertise.

For a simple cruise, however, or for retirees who finally have the money and time to sail but lack the physical strength, automated sail handling can be the best way of getting on the water. Just be expected to pay: The M52′s starting price is north of $1.3 million.