Maureen's Haven Is a Luxury to the Homeless in the Hamptons

Posted: Dec. 27th, 2012  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: AP/ Frank Ettman

It is a warn spot in a cold world … and it makes a difference to a lot of folk in need during the fall and winter seasons of the summer haven for the wealthy in northern New York.  Yes, this the Hamptons in New York, the A-list community summer community where the affluent run wild and lavishly. The fall and winter seasons there are tales of colder times.

Saving people from freezing to death is the short-form mission statement of Maureen’s Haven, according to its exec director, Ms. Tracey Lutz, in a report from the AP.

Maureen’s Haven charity works with a network of churches in eastern Long Island to secure a meal and a place to sleep for people in need with five-star efficiency and effectiveness.     

Lutz says the homeless, including a small percentage of illegal aliens who are barred from seeking county assistance, undergo screening before being permitted to board vans that take them to a designated church for the evening.