Mexican Vacations are Safe Once More

Posted: May. 26th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

In a time when bad PR has been haunting Mexico, and driving tourism to a low, Lonely Planet is trying to assist the US’s southerly neighbor by releasing a list of safe travel destinations in Mexico. Mexico, a country the size of Western Europe, has been the target of tourist warnings, and though there are many unsafe and undesirable locations in the country, there are states that are safer than some in the US that are getting a bad rap.

According to Lonely Planet visitors wanting to travel to Mexico should “consider that about 245,000 square miles are free from the State Department’s warning list […]and it neatly matches areas people usually visit (Cabo, Cancún, Cozumel, Tulum, Mexico City, Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende).” Among the many destinations that are highlighted on the Lonely Planet list, Baja California’s Todos Santos and the Colonial city of Merida top the list. For the complete list of the top desirable and safe Mexican Destinations go here.