Microsoft CFO Resigns, Second C-Level Parting in Six Months

Posted: Apr. 19th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Microsoft Corp

With all the changes going on at Microsoft, maybe it would be a good place for reality TV show?

After 11 plus years with the firm, Peter Klein has resigned as the CFO of Microsoft, CNBC reports.  Klein held the C-level position for the tech-giant over the past three-and-one-half years.

It is the second C-level exec to leave Microsoft within the year, as Stephen Sinofsky, the former CEO of Windows, left in November. There is no finger-pointing or complaints attached with the resignations. However, various industry pundits are questioning whether Chief Executive Steve Ballmer is still the right man for the job.

In his resignation letter, Klein wrote: "I am proud of the work that finance has done and the impact we have had on the Company. One reason that now is a good time to leave is that the organization is very strong, and I am delighted we will be naming an internal candidate. I couldn't be more optimistic about both the Company's and Finance's future."