Model Lily Cole Reveals Fashion Industry's Killing of Sharks to Make Skin Creams

Posted: May. 31st, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

David Fisher/ Rex Features

Fashion model and social activist Lily Cole spoke out about the fashion industry’s insidious use of sharks at the fashion industry’s Hay Festival on Thursday.

Various companies use squalene, which is oil that is extracted from the liver of sharks to make face and skin creams. Fishermen on boats are reported to be capturing the sharks live, extracting the fishes’ liver, and then tossing the carcass of the shark back into the waters, the Daily Mail reports.

London-based, upscale retailer Selfridges joined Lily Cole in expressing its protestation against the abuse of sharks. The department store will no longer carry any products that contain squalene. 

Almost all beauty products use a loophole in European labeling regulations to avoid revealing the origin of the substance, reported the Sunday Times.

“Sharks are now among the most vulnerable species in the ocean,' said Weston. 'The unrestricted killing of sharks is just another example of human destruction of the ocean and its creatures.”