More Men In The Kitchens

Posted: May. 25th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

There has been a role reversal in many of the kitchens across the United States. One factor for this is because as Time magazine states we are in a Sheconomy. This is mostly due to downfall in the economy that we have been faced to endure. The down economy has been hitting men much worse than women. In the present times, there have been more men that have lost their jobs causing them to become the cook in many households.

Another reason for the switch of men entering into the role as cook in our kitchens is that many men have been influenced by the growing number of talented chefs that are appearing on TV food programs. These men on the food programs have become idealized, respected, and praised by plenty of female fans. For this reason alone, it makes the average man to want to learn cooking hopefully pulling in that female crowd.