NASA Paying $18K For You to Stay in Bed for 70 Days

Posted: Sep. 20th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Welcome to the NASA bed and breakfast … with particular emphasis on the bed part.

Looking for an easy way to make $18,000 in 79 days? NASA is looking for some human guinea pigs to measure the effects inertia for that length of time would affect astronauts. Participants willing to stay in bed for 70 days would be permitted to live their normal lives provided that they do not get out bed.

NASA is not simply looking for extremely lazy people to sleep through this mission. The preference of the space team is to monitor healthy, fit folks, so that the effect could be analyzed and rational conclusions could be forecasted. Selected applicants will complete a modified Air Force Class Three physical exam and undergo a session with a psychologist to determine if they can cut the muster, according to a report by OutsideOnLine

“We want to make sure we select people who are mentally ready to spend 70 days in bed,” says senior scientist Dr. Roni Cromwell. “Not every type of person can tolerate an extended time in bed.”