New Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, Most Expensive New Car in the World at $5.43 Million

Posted: Oct. 19th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

The Italian supercar producer is going all-out to celebrate its 50th anniversary with panache and verve.

Lamborghini launched the most expensive car in the world today with the release of the Veneno Roadster. With a price tag of $5.43-million directly from the showroom, it is the most expensive new car in the world.  

The vehicle is essentially is a racecar that is street legal. The Daily Mail calls the new Lamborghini “one of the most extreme vehicles ever built.” It doesn’t even have a roof. Only nine will be made and ready for sale in 2014.

The Veneno Roadster is made of a lightweight carbon fiber and accelerates to 221 mph. Zero to 60 mph happens in less than three seconds. It does zero to 60-mph in less than three seconds with its 6.5-liter V-12 engine that delivers 750 bhp. Lamborghini says that it is the most exceptional sports car of all time.

There also is a Veneno that comes with a roof, which is not as expensive, at $4.85 million. Only three of those will be built. So, there will be a dozen all together.

Who wants one?