New Look for the Nook

Posted: May. 31st, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

Barnes & Noble seeks a new audience, with the introduction of its new Nook e-reader, The Simple Touch Reader. The book giant will start shipping the new reader on June 10, and the new Nook will not only have a smaller price tag, but new features. The Simple Touch Reader has a black and white E Ink display, to minimize screen flashing, and the page turn times have been reduced by up to 80%, in comparison to other e-readers. Also among the new features is a word lookup, the ability to highlight text, font size and style adjustment, and an on screen keyboard. Battery life has been extended, and according to Barnes & Noble the new Nook can hold a charge for almost 2 months, with the Wi-Fi off. This is almost twice as long as other e-readers, according to their spokesperson.

With a new price tag at $139, Barnes & Noble hope to attract a new price conscious consumer, who desires a “simple to use and versatile product.” Barnes & Noble’ timing is in sync with Amazon offering their Kindle at lower and discounted pricing. The Kindle with Special Offers is priced at $114 and the Kindle Wi-Fi is priced at $139.