New Startup Wants to Make Renting a Luxury Car 'Cool'

Posted: Jun. 21st, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo by Sarah Wilson

Luke Schneider, the head of Silvercar, a new, smart-phone-enabled rental car company, is hopeful that his firm’s new fleet of 200, silver Audi A4 sports cars will become the coolest luxury-car-rental company in the industry.  

The forward-thinking, deluxe car rental service has its stable of Audi A4 sports cars located at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. According to Schneider, the target market is “tech-savvy, independent-minded business and leisure travelers willing to pay $50 to $75 per day for a luxury automobile outfitted with navigation, satellite radio and a Wi-Fi hot spot.”

While that is all good, the real appeal to consumers could turn out to be the painless, stress-free rental and return of the cars, which relies heavily upon smartphone technology and substantially reduces the time customer will spend at the location waiting to be serviced.

Schneider's background as CTO at car-share company Zipcar helped guide the development of Silvercar's iOS and Android apps, which lead customers through the entire rental process, including unlocking the vehicle for them and automatically syncing satellite radio preferences and phone contacts. Dropping off the car is equally simple; the Audi automatically logs mileage, tolls and fuel used.