Newest Airbus Private Jet Delivered to Luxury Charter Service

Posted: Jun. 30th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Airbus

Delivery of the newest Airbus private jet occurred recently, when the Airbus ACJ321 was delivered Comlux, a private aviation company. 

Comlux is currently fitting its new plane with a VVIP cabin. It will be completed in 2014. The firm operates a fleet of the Airbus A320 airplanes, having an ACJ318, an ACJ 319, an ACJ 320, and the newest arrival, the ACJ321.

The company’s CEO expressed his firm’s satisfaction of Airbus aircraft in a interview with Blue Sky Aviation News last week.

“Comlux has established a reputation that is synonymous with comfort and luxury, and the Airbus ACJ321 will enable us to offer our customers even more of that in the air,” says Comlux, The Aviation Group President & CEO Richard Gaona.