Newt Gingrich for Home Grown Energy

Posted: May. 13th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

Newt Gingrich has put in his 2012 presidential candidacy. If you head over to, they are talking about how the big skeleton being drug out of his closet is the climate change ad that he did with Pelosi in 2008.

In the ad he is shown agreeing with Pelosi about global warming and how we need to care about it. However, when he talks about his issues for his campaign, he seems to be seeing things a little differently now, along with all the other candidates.

Although Gingrich does say that we need to make cleaner fuel, he has begun to question whether climate change is really there, saying that even the science has not shown clear enough proof. His main platform for his campaign is home grown drilling. He wants to eliminate drilling overseas and make our energy American. Head over to to read more on this topic.