Organic Food Ruse

Posted: May. 31st, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

Protestors are complaining against the sale of genetically modified foods and their target is none other than the most unlikely target, Whole Foods Market. This may seem like an odd place for them to be protesting genetically altered food, but they have a good reason for it.

Although organic food cannot knowingly have genetically altered material in them, many organic professionals admit that because so many products, such as corn and soy, are genetically altered, there is not always a guarantee that some of that will get mixed in with the completely organic food.

The way that crops are genetically altered is through a process called splicing. What happens is the gene of the natural crop is spliced with something else that gives it a natural protection against pesticides that kill weeds. Although it has been said that this process is safe for human consumption, not everyone is sure that this will not cause problems for people down the line.

Many people in the United States understand that they are eating genetically enhanced food. Although there may be differing of opinions about the safety of genetically altered food, overall experts are confident that there is nothing wrong with it.