Pay What You Want Restaurants

Posted: May. 24th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

Pay what you want restaurants are a new movement slowly making its way across the nation. With the idea of helping the needy, pay what you want restaurants allow you to give what you can for a meal. If you have a day where you have more to give than other days, then give more. If you have nothing to give, volunteer options are usually available. More often than not, restaurants following this movement are taking any profits they make and putting it toward assisting the needy with food or jobs. However, the concept of pay what you want restaurants is more than helping the needy. In today’s economy, with unemployment still at a high, people who once could afford to go out for dinner find themselves on a tighter budget. This new business model has the potential to boost the economy by encouraging people on a budget to curb their fear of spending money.

So far, there are around a dozen pay what you want restaurants across the nation, with more on the horizon. This movement, though difficult to sustain, is bringing communities closer together through volunteering and charitable contribution.