Pippa a Breath of Fresh Air for Britain

Posted: May. 31st, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

Helga Esteb /

The world’s newest, and favorite, royal in-law may be just what the doctor ordered for wounded British tourism. After taking a lashing from Lonely Planet, who panned the country when it was announced that attractions are "overpriced or lacking in quality,” and "Britain ain't cheap,” the Brits are looking for a way to drive tourism, and Pippa Middleton just may help. Pippa, who was the crowd pleaser of the recent royal wedding in her white bridesmaid’s dress, has gained the spotlight with American audiences, and according to Barbara Gillam, a New York travel professional, “Pippa’s aura may very well boost tourism, not to mention Pilates and the designers’ outfits she’s seen in.”

Visit Britain’s Facebook page, along with a page dedicated to the adoration of Pippa’s backside, were among the highest ranked Facebook pages during the week of the royal wedding. This brings new hope for an industry that sees $130 billion but has been hit hard by a weak dollar and drop off in American visitors. Pippa is breathing new life into the age old image that Britain is stuffy. To aid in the renewal of British Tourism, British Airways will be offering lower fares across the pond.