Portal 2 Freebies

Posted: May. 27th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

For all you video game lovers out there, Valve has decided to give the gift of music. Songs to Test By is the name of the first volume of Portal 2 music, that is available for free download on the game’s official site. This free download offers 22 tracks and around 73 minutes of music from the game that is rumored to be the best game of 2011. Along with the soundtrack, ringtones are available for download to iPhone and Android users. This is the first volume of what will be a trilogy of music released by Valve for free download.

This isn’t the first time that gamers have received the gift of the download from Portal 2 creators, but this new present comes with a little less controversy than last time, when downloadable content was available for the game on the first day of release.

Head over to the Portal 2 official website for this electronic inspired soundtrack, and look for the next volumes to be available in the future.