Private Jet Services Lowering Rates to Attract More Clients

Posted: Oct. 3rd, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Private jet chartering companies are trying to increase their market share by offering packages that are more affordable, USA Today reports.

According to Brian Foley, a general-aviation expert interviewed for the story, flight hours on chartered jets remain down by 20% compared to 2008. So, private airlines are experimenting with new programs to that may attract more customers.

Offering a flight to several people on the same aircraft is one of the ways being used to pick up business. While it may not be as quite as exclusive, it is much more luxurious option than flying business class on a commercial airline.  Some are offering regional coverage while others are basing their fees based on the distance a customer wants to fly.  Companies also are turning to social networks to broadcast their deals on flights.

…."Those who fly privately have more choices today perhaps than ever," says Brian Foley, a general aviation expert. "What's clear is that those who can afford to fly privately really want to do it, because airlines have made the travel experience so miserable that if there's any way you can afford to get out of it, you'll look at ways of doing that."