Private Residence in Northern California Sells for $117.5M

Posted: Jan. 24th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Jay Graham

A record price has been established for the most expensive private residence in California, reports SF Luxe.

The reported selling price of the grandiose mansion, in Northern California, was $117.5 million.  News of the transaction came in months subsequent to the sale, which occurred last year in late November. The property was a “pocket listing,” meaning that it was not publically listed on the MLS.

Tully Friedman, the founder of San Francisco-based investment company Friedman Fleischer and Lowe, was the previous owner of the Neoclassical-designed mansion. The property is located in Woodside, an upscale development in the Silicon Valley.

While the name of the new owner was not divulged, it is intimated to be a known public figure in either high-tech or finance.

Incidentally, this home is just 10 miles away from the third highest priced home in the United States, belonging to Yuri Milner in Los Altos Hills. The record for the highest price was set last year by Stan Kroenke, who purchased a ranch in Montana listed for $132.5 million.