Professional Uses for Wearable Devices -- Going Beyond Being 'Cool'

Posted: Jul. 15th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Motorola Solutions

Wearable gadgetry is not just a high-tech fashion statement that puts nerds and fashionistas on the same page.

There are several wearable devices emerging in the market that are sure to make the world a safer place for working professionals, such as law enforcement, paramedics, and scientists just to name a few.  Last month, the DailyLuxe presented the Recon Jet, which was a product akin to Google Glass for professional usage. 

Motorola Solutions is among the frontrunners in this burgeoning field.  On Monday, the Wall Street Journal posted about several of these products and the purposefulness these products provide beyond being trendy.

One example is the company’s HC1 Headset Computer, a head-mounted device with an arm that sticks out from the side and places a small screen in front of the user’s face without blocking his vision. The device can be controlled with voice commands and head motions. Engineers and mechanics, for example, could do their repair work while receiving real-time instructions, while doctors might wear it during surgeries.