Recon Jet Is a Professional-Level 'Google Glass' for $499

Posted: Jun. 26th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Recon Instruments

While Google started the wearable, smart eye-ware movement for regular consumers, Recon Jet is taking it to a professional level and is selling it for about $1,000 less than Glass (at least for now).

The Recon Jet is for the athlete in training, such as a marathon runner or or an individulal doing an exercise program. Its built-in analytics are readable straight off the lens. The device also is targeted toward professionals, such as paramedics, law enforcement personnel, and emergency workers on the scene.

Vancouver, B.C.-based Recon Instruments began accepting pre-orders for its Recon Jet “glass” on Wednesday. If pre-ordered, the price of the unit is $499. However, the price will increase to $599 when it is actually available sometime in December. 

Venture Beats describes it as a “rugged take on Google Glass.” Its weight (28 grams) is distributed equally; it works in any type of weather; and it does not require Wi-Fi or cellular connections. The firm’s chief marketing officer described the Jet in an interview with VB.

“Recon Jet is an extremely activity-specific device,” company CMO Tom Fowler — a former professional triathlete — told me today. “We do not aspire to be the general purpose device you wear when walking around in daily life but the device you need when you’re engaged in a specific activity at a very high level.”