Ring Made for Adolph Hitler Sells for $66K

Posted: Sep. 14th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Alexander Historical Auctions

Apparently, there was no furor over the fuehrer, as a ring made for Adolph Hitler sold for $65,725 at an auction recently held in the Baltimore, Maryland, area. It was speculated the ring would fetch $110,000 at the auction.  

The ring was made by a goldsmith that also was a fervent Nazi. Goldsmith Berthold wrote Hitler a letter telling him that he cleared his shop of Jewish workers as early as 1933. It is unknown whether the sociopaths ever met in real life.

A certificate of authentication accompanied the sale. The Daily Mail reports that Alexander Historical Auctions sold the ring to an unidentified American collector.

Andreas Kornfeld, the VP of international client relations of Alexander Historical Auctions, claimed that the Hitler ring brought “hundreds of thousands of page views” to its website.  

....It had been owned by several collectors over the years, the last of whom died two years ago and whose grandson put it up for sale this time around is now selling it. The Alexander Historical Auctions House is famous for selling Nazi-themed militaria and artifacts.