Rock Hard Grandfather Becomes an Internet Superstar

Posted: Nov. 30th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Good Morning America

Eat your heart out, Tony Horton … and those 100,000 plus fire ant-like Beachbody coaches (sales reps) online that ambush unsuspecting people on the social networks. You have been one-upped by a grandpa from Louisville, Kentucky.

Robert Durbin, 64, never imagined that getting in great shape would draw so much attention. Before he began his fitness journey, he was so overweight that he wore leg braces and needed a cane to go from the living room to the kitchen. In eight months, he lost 60 pounds as a result of his exercising.

To date, Mr. Durbin shedded 70 pounds and dropped 18 inches off his waist, weighing in at rock-hard 145 pounds. How did he do it? He tuned to You Tube, found a workout team called BarStarzz, and diligently followed the prescribed exercise program.

He posted his extraordinary results on his Instagram account, using the handle RockHardPapaw. BarStarzz noticed his posts, interviewed him, and the rest is his story.

Since October, Mr. Durbin has been viewed on You Tube more than 769,000 times to date, Yahoo News reports on a story from ABC's Good Morning America.  

[Tony Horton’s P90X progarm is amazing; how it is sold is another story, which is solely my opinion and based on personal experience.] 

….Durbin says he feels better than he did when he graduated from high school. Back then, he drank and smoked. After a cancer scare, he quit his three-pack-a-day cigarette habit in 2004, and he hasn't touched a drop of alcohol in 20 years.