Russian Art Community Casts Criticism at Upcoming Art Exhibit by Sylvester Stallone

Posted: Oct. 30th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News


Sylvester Stallone thinks that he is a better painter than an actor. 

Paintings by renowed actor, writer, and film director Sylvester Stallone will be on exhibit at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, The Independent reports.

The upcoming exhibition of artwork by the actor that played Rocky Balboa and ultimately defeated Russian boxer, Ivan Drago, in the film Rocky IV, is not unanimous knockout among the Russian art community.

While it is not the precursor for the next Cold War, there are members of the creative denizen that question whether a hobbyist’s work such as Stallone’s is worthy of such acclaim. 

 At a gathering for media personnel, Mr. Stallone said,“If my visit is a challenge for somebody, let it be so.”

The 36-piece collection of Stallone spans 40 years of his work. The painting will be on display in the Ludwig wing of the vaulted museum among other non-Russian artists, such asJean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol.

While my taste in art is based on whether I like it, my perception of snobbery is lazar-beam astute. Nobody is forcing anyone judging Mr. Stallone’s work inferior to serious artists has to attend his exhibit. What exactly defines a serious artist, anyway? (Stroke that.)   

…The museum has a heavy focus on Russian art, making it all the more surprising that it should feature work from a man more famous for starring in the Rambo, Rocky, and The Expendables film franchises.