Sexism and Hot Dogs

Posted: May. 27th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

David Handschuh/News

Nathan’s, one of the nation’s leading hot dog makers, has incited controversy over the decision to unequally award its hot dog eating contest winners. Nathan’s annual hot dog eating contest, held in Coney Island, was slated to give a $10,000 purse to male competitors, while the female contestants’ purse only held $2,500. Contestants called foul play and Nathan’s has had to change their tune to offer equality in hot dog eating.

Nathan’s President, Wayne Norbitz, made this statement following the change, "We were contacted by numerous fans of Nathan's who pointed out that despite the prize disparity in men's and women's divisions of other professional sports, the Nathan's prizes should be the same.”

Nathan’s annual hot dog eating contest will be held July 4, and this year marks the first year there is a separate event for male and female contestants. Since 1916 there has yet to be a female winner of the co-ed competition.