Shape-Shifting Displays: Reach Out and Touch from One Screen to Another

Posted: Nov. 16th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Fast Company

The concepts that stem from science fiction tales, such as Star Trek, The Matrix, and Doctor Who, are becoming real-world objects. The juxtaposition of virtual and real is forever perforated with this futuristic display system, which is called inFORM.

Those deep thinkers and pensive tinkerers at the MIT Media Lab created a shape-shifting display that enables two users to reach through and touch something transported from one computer screen to another. The display is made from atoms instead of pixels. It is basically a pin screen, reports Fast Company

In describing the inFORM technology in six words, it displays both light and shape. Fast Company compares it to a table of living clay that enables users to do things together, such as playing catch back and forth or holding hands. 

The video accompanying this story is a must-see for all curious minds. It piqued ours clean. 

….Remotely, two people Skyping could physically interact by playing catch, for example, or manipulating an object together, or even slapping high five from across the planet. Another use is to physically manipulate purely digital objects. A 3-D model, for example, can be brought to life with the inFORM, and then manipulated with your hands to adjust, tweak, or even radically transform the digital blueprint.