SmartShawl to Protect Unborn Babies

Posted: May. 31st, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

With the world we live in being inundated by technology, our kitchens regularly having microwaves in use and electromagnetic fields all around us, what is there to protect the unborn children from possible harmful effects? With horror stories that surround every day gadgets like harmful power line exposure, cancer scares from cell phones, and harmful rays from microwaves, two sisters decided to help the expectant mother protect her bundle of joy. They created Smartsense, the company who produces the SmartShawl.

The SmartShawl is made of “anti-radiation fabric”, which is a proprietary fabric made from cotton, and is reportedly made from “micron thin metal fibers made from stainless steel.” This shawl can be placed over the belly and chest and can not only protect an expectant mother, but could possibly help in the fight against breast cancer. Smartsense has also created a cover for the microwave when it is not in use, aptly called SmartCovers.