Snakes on a Train

Posted: Jun. 1st, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

Taking a step out of Hollywood and into real life, passengers on a train in Hanoi, Vietnam, were hysterical, and chaos ensued, when dozens of cobras, approximately one hundred pounds, were found on a passenger train. Passengers ran to other cars when they noticed the snakes in the clear fabric bags. The cobras were alive, divided between four bags, and sitting under passengers seats. A cobra’s bite can kill a human in approximately 30 minutes; however, their mouths were sealed shut, so no cobra or human was hurt.

Considered a delicacy in Vietnam, cobras are a protected species. The owner of the bags was able to slip away from the authorities in the chaos aboard the train. Believing the snakes were heading to local restaurants, forest rangers were able to take the snakes and release them back out into the wild. Authorities did try to find the owner, but were unable to at the time of the report.