Sony Unveils Its First 4K Ultra HD Media Player

Posted: Jul. 2nd, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Sony

Early adopters of Sony’s 4K Ultra HD media players will pay $699 to be among the first owners of this “new-rage,” bleeding-edge technology, Mashable reported on Monday.  

Sony's FMP-X1, 4K Ultra HD Media Player device can be ordered online. It will be available in stores beginning on July 15. 

The Japan-based electronics manufacturer also is including 10 feature films in the new format, making up for the lack of product currently in the market for 4K UHD players. 

The resolution of 4K UHD is four times than 1080p resolution. The price of Sony's first model, an 84-inch Ultra HD set, was introduced in November and priced at around $25,000.

For early adopters of this Ultra HD technology, the lack of 4K content has been a problem. So this fall, Sony said they plan on opening a Video Unlimited 4K content service, which will include movies, TV episodes and short-form video in 4K quality. Twenty-four hour rental downloads will start at $7.99 and purchases will begin at $29.99.