Status of Seattle's Houseboats Making Waves

Posted: Jan. 21st, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: MSN

 The indigenous houseboats made famous in Seattle, Washington, since the 1993 release of the Tom Hanks’ starring romantic-comedy film, Sleepless in Seattle, may be sunk soon based upon what comes next from the state legislators, reports MSN.

The state of Washington is reviewing its state regulations for shorelines, and it may result in approximately 25 percent of the 600 plus houses houseboats being classified as illegal.   

The sticking point is whether the structure is classified as a boat or a house. Dwellings connected to sewer lines are classified as floating homes; those that are detached are classified as boats.

 While all the floating houses may look the same to us, the new rules may make a significant distinction between a houseboat – which in theory can move – and a floating home, which is basically a house built on a floating platform that can’t go anywhere. A Forida case over whether a vessel is a houseboat or a floating home is pending in the Supreme Court.