Summer Is Almost Here - What’s Hot In Swimwear?

Posted: May. 24th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

Summer is arriving soon and it’s time to find out what swimwear is the right fit for you when you’re relaxing on the beach. Manufacturers are greatly focused on the one piece beautiful style of swimsuits; don’t worry all you who love those bikinis, they will be out there somewhere.

Many designers are showing us bright, beautiful decked out one piece swimwear that will require us to wear sunglasses because our suits are so bright. Although some of us may still want black, the designers will be showing us off with rich colors and plenty of detailed suits. These rich colors and the hottest colors this year will be orange, honeysuckle and coral.

The favorite thing to look for this year, though, is the abundance of texture. We will be able to hopefully cover up some of our not so great body parts with the new trendy ruche, animal print, flower print, pleated, ruffled and striped swimwear that is making its way to our local stores soon.