The Beatles: On Air-Live at the BBC Volume 2 Released

Posted: Nov. 30th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Mark & Colleen Hayward/Getty

And just in time for Christmas, too! Ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles!

The Beatles: On Air Live at the BBC Volume 2 is now available.The Fab Four received significantly more on-air time in England than they did U.S. This is especially true in the band’s early years between 1962 and 1965, NPR reports.

Including the lads’ own series, Pop Go to The Beatles, the most renowned rock and roll quartet in the world appeared on 53 BBC radio broadcasts.

Kevin Howlett produced of both volumes of the BBC broadcasts. A re-mastered release of Volume 1 also is available, as well as a new book: The Beatles: The BBC Archives.

 Mr. Howlett told NPR that the most challenging part of producing this project was tracking down the musical tapes for it. It must have been a hard day's night. 

 ….. Some of these recordings come from transcription discs, LPs that were distributed by the BBC to other countries for broadcast. Some come from producer listening copies. There were some producers at the time that thought maybe it is worth keeping this material, and in some of these cases, listeners who taped off the radio.