Three Malibu Properties Listed in the 'Nines' Based on Numerology

Posted: Jun. 30th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Three luxury properties owned by the same person are currently on the market in Malibu. While one of the listings is at around $35 million, there really is not much news except that all the properties are multi-million-dollar listings. 

The premium real estate is owned by Ms. Deanna Stats, a successful restaurateur. She is the owner of the Feed Body and Soul, which is in the Venice Beach area of L.A. 

What makes this story interesting is that the asking prices on each of these three properties are based on numerology. Her largest property is listed at $35,000,001. The dangling digit at the end of the price is there so that the numbers greater than zero sum to nine, as in 3+5+1-9. The other properties are listed at $9.9 million and $2.9 million, respectively.

The first property has 9,000 square feet of living space; the second property has 3,931 square feet; and the third property has 1,925 square feet.  Ms. Stats also has employed three separate agents fromSotheby’s International Realtyfor the three properties: 3 x 3= 9. It is all in the numbers.

The number 9 is about completion, according to “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology” by Kay Lagerquist. Nine draws people and money – both requirements for a successful home sale. And yes, Lagerquist writes, it is a powerful number.