Tower Infinity: A High-Rise that Disappears to Be Built Near an Airport?

Posted: Sep. 17th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: The Verge

If beaches can be built in the middle of deserts, what is so preposterous about building a skyscraper that disappears near a major airport? 

A Pasadena, California, architectural firm wants to design a 1,476 high-rise that can disappear into the skyline. The building would be raised in South Korea and would be the centerpiece of waterfront development in the Cheonga district of the city of Incheon, which is about 18 miles west of Seoul.

It is an optical illusion that only works from specific angles and during certain times of the day. The structure would contain light emitting diodes and cameras that give the appearance that the building is gone. 

The high-rise project, which is officially referred to as the City Tower, would be located approximately nine miles east of the country’s main airport. So, a 1,476-feet tall building that goes stealth would be built around South Korea’s main air hub. (Seriously?)

While the South Korean government agency in charge of the project has approved it, it is on hold until funding can be secured from private investors. Watch the video on the WSJ Korea Realtime, even the man being interviewed about this sounds incredulous to it.    

The optical illusion works only during certain hours of the day and from certain angles, said Kim Hee-jae, who is in charge of the tower’s architectural planning at Korea Land & Housing. The electric lights shining from inside the building will provide a further limit to its stealth, especially at night.