Universal Studios Hollywood -- Are VIP $299 Theme-Park Tickets too Pricey?

Posted: Jun. 11th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Universal Studios Hollywood

While theme parks are quintessential crowd pleasers, we are pausing pensively and wondering out loud, is $299 too much to charge a consumer to enter an amusement park? It depends on whom you ask. Eighty bucks for a no-frills ticket or $149 for some but not all frills isn’t exactly cheap either, is it? 

Apparently, it is “all good,” as theme parks across the nation have patrons lining up and willing to pay the steep price of admission to have their day away from it all. 

If prices continue to rise, how long will it be before “second-mortgage” kiosks are positioned at the entrances of the theme parks?

It [Universal Studios Hollywood] has introduced a $299 V.I.P. ticket, just in time for the summer high season, that comes with valet parking, breakfast in a luxury lounge, special access to Universal’s back lot, unlimited line-skipping and a fancy lunch.

V.I.P. visitors also receive “amenity kits,” which include mints, a poncho to wear on the “Jurassic Park” water ride and bottles of hand sanitizer.