Use Old Tools To Make New Cocktails

Posted: May. 20th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

There are many new and delightful cocktails that are coming into the culinary world on a daily basis; these tasty wonders are made with the old staple tools that most of us have in our very own kitchens. When you are ready to create one of the new recipes that has come out for cocktails or if you want to make up one of your own recipes, take a look in your cupboards and the tools to accomplish this are probably right there.

A must-have though, for making delicious cocktails, is a simple cocktail shaker. These are typically made of stainless steel, have a built-in strainer and a jigger cap that also turns into a measuring cup to let you measure out the liquids easily. A few other tools are a waiter’s corkscrew, a cutting board, ice bucket, paring knife, etc.; all these tools plus more can take you on the path to a berry nice cocktail.

Why not take a look into those cupboards and start shaking up some cocktails?