West Virginia Seeks to Ban Google Glass while Driving

Posted: Mar. 25th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Maybe we are going to have to wait for Google to market its driverless cars before being able to wear Goggle Glass while operating a car.

Gary G. Howell, a legislator of the state of West Virginia, is putting forth legislation to ban Google Glass from being worn while driving an automobile. Howell has no qualms with the product, but feels that it could be distraction to motorist while operating a car.

While others reporting on this have questioned the risks of multitasking while driving, this is an issue that makes sense. Most people can barely drive well and talk at the same time. Having a computer strapped to their head and being able to text, watch videos, or surf the Internet while attempting to drive 70 mph is a recipe for disaster. While most people feel they are better than average drivers, it simply is not true.  

 CNET’s Chris Matyszczk reports that Howell said:

"I am a libertarian, and government has no business protecting us from ourselves, but it does have a duty to make sure I don't injure or kill someone else," he explained.