What Do Buyers of Luxury Real Estate Want Most?

Posted: Oct. 14th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Open floor plans and fully automated and wired home-entertainment systems are the most coveted features that buyers of luxury housing want, according to

Buying a house with a swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen, a home gym, and a home cinema also were important to deluxe homebuyers. However, having a green, LEEDS-certified home only mattered to 18% of potential buyers. Additionally, a wine cellar and a guesthouse were not viewed as significant items either. Both did rank higher than a tennis court or extra garage and storage space.

Location remains important to the perspective buyers, but it is not as important as having a home that fits their “active and unique lifestyle.”

…. While wealthy buyers have lists of toys and creature comforts for their next home, they also view it as a solid business decision.  On average, wealthy consumers who are in the market for a residential property expect a value appreciation of 14 percent on their new home in the next five years.