Who Needs Tickets? Ranking the Cost of Playoff Tickets in MLB

Posted: Oct. 1st, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

When they say this is hardball, they aren’t kidding.

The playoffs for the MLB season begin tonight, as 10 teams are ready to compete for the chance to win the 2013 World Series.

The playing field for purchasing tickets to attend these games is pretty much the same as the ballparks where the teams play.  None of the 10 baseball fields have the same dimensions. And each of the teams is charging a different price for admission.

Looking at the different prices charged by each team is an eye-opener and one-half. The lowest price to attend a game is found in Detroit, while the highest price for a ticket is in Cleveland. Detroit, Atlanta, and St. Louis are the only teams that are charging less than $150 for one ticket. The other seven teams are all charging above $150 per.

The average price to attend a game in Cleveland to watch the Indians play is $461, which is the highest at 697% more than the cost of a regular-season ticket. The average price to attend a game in Boston is $329. But tickets in Boston are never cheap, as the price is only 227% higher than the regular season. The Pittsburgh Pirates, which have not made the playoffs in 20 years, are charging 532% more for playoff tickets, as attending a game in Pittsburgh will cost $322.

Think about that when you are sipping on your 20-ounce, $10 cup of beer, taking in the ambiance of the ballpark. Keep your hands on your wallet! 

Play ball, indeed!