Will Bombardier's CSeries Aircraft Take Off?

Posted: Oct. 25th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Bombardier

The recent maiden voyage of the CSeries aircraft by Bombardier is a huge event in the aviation industry. Its potential is colossal, as the airplane fills a need and addresses many issues that are current problems for commercial airlines.

The CSeries airplanes are without precedent, reports Canadian Business.

It is large enough for long-haul flights to destinations that have a limited yet steady demand. There is the CS100 and the CS300, which hold 110 and 135 passengers, respectively.

 It also is quiet, fuel-efficient, and requires only 4,00o feet of runway space for takeoffs and landings. It is reported to be barely audible from a distance of less than 500 feet.   

However, investors remain hesitant on whether the concept will fly or die. Bombardier’s stock dropped 6% ($0.30) to $4.77 the same week of the revolutionary aircraft’s maiden voyage. The firm also to date has only achieved 59% of its sales goal of 300 aircraft. So, what is the problem?

….Away from the runway, the CSeries program still faces many obstacles. The maiden flight was originally slated for late 2012, but successive delays had pushed it back by nine months. At the press conference following first flight, Arcamone revealed that the cost of the CSeries program had swelled by half a billion dollars to $3.9 billion.