Wine Pairings

Posted: May. 25th, 2011  |  By JustLuxe Team

Wine trends are changing, and the old rules about red wine pairings are a thing of the past. With so many different varietals on the market, it’s easy to walk in to the local grocery store and get overwhelmed with what to serve with tonight’s dinner. Never fear. Wine pairings are easy, if you know what you like.

Don’t fear the reds. If tonight’s dinner is a hearty spaghetti or steak, and the idea of a red wine like merlot or cabernet sauvignon makes your face twist, take a look at the new blends and softer reds that are available on your grocery shelves. Sangiovese is a red blend boasting flavors of cherry and vanilla. If you like a sweeter red, try a syrah/shiraz. This red wine has a varying degree of flavors ranging from blackberry and jams to peppery and spicy. If red wine still isn’t working for you, remember this rule of thumb for serving white wine with steak and pasta dishes: the wine pairing is dependent on the sauce. If you are eating a steak or pasta dish with lots of spring vegetables and a light sauce, a chardonnay or Riesling will accompany your dinner beautifully.