Working Out Going Primal with Paleo Fitness

Posted: May. 28th, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

Photo: Emily Shur

Sooner or later it always happens with fads, trends, and megatrends. First, something becomes wildly popular, and then the new movement goes back to the basics … or to the root of the subject.

The emergence of everyone jumping on the fitness bandwagon and scurrying like squirrels to get in shape is forging new fads and trends so people in the exercise mode can develop a beach body all their own.  

Paleo fitness is this week’s newest flavor in trendy workout programs. NBC’s Today Show definesPaleo fitness as natural movement, primitive movement, or primal fitness. There are no elliptical trainer, free weights, or P90X-level extreme fitness programs. Instead followers of the Paleo way climb trees, swing on branches, and power lift rocks and logs. (would scurrying like a squirrel qualify as a fitness  routine?)

There are several Paleo fitness camps with their own versions of getting in to shape naturally.

Shape Magazine named it one of the top 13 fitness trends to watch in 2013; Time calls it “the next big thing” in fitness. Outside magazine simply refers to it as “the workout that time forgot.”