Yachts Push Boundaries to Win America's Cup, Raises Risks for Sailors

Posted: May. 21st, 2013  |  By DailyLuxe News

What will be next, vendors selling fine wine and caviar?

The growing popularity of the America’s Cup race has competition pushing the envelope to win the most heralded regatta of the yacht-racing season. 

Steven Barclay, the CEO of the America’s Cup Event Authority told Bloomberg that the America’s Cup race the is Super Bowl of the sailing world. He also referred to its precursor, the Louis Vuitton Cup, as the playoffs.

The race is now a world event and not just a gathering of the wealthy folks. This has prompted changes in the race to make it more TV-friendly. Racing teams now use catamarans, which are easier to set sailing in limited-wind conditions. The race is no longer held 10 miles offshore to enable easier viewing of the race. 

The answer to these issues was to use a catamaran instead of the monohull boats we’ve traditionally used in the Cup. Catamarans are very fast, can sail in very light or strong winds, and get so close to the shore that fans can hear the sailors talking. But sailing can be dangerous.