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Four British-Based Artists Share More Than $200,000 For Moving-Image Projects

From hollywoodreporter

Film London and the Arts Council England dish out funding to Mark Leckey, Simon Martin, Gail Pickering and Grace more ... Quick Read

Battle of Gettysburg reenactment

From Philadelphia Inquire

The Battle of Gettysburg took place 150 years ago over a three day period from July 1-3, 1863 in Gettysburg, Pa. Thousands of vistors have flocked to the battlefield to watch the reenactment of the pivotal Civil War battle. ... Quick Read

Horrible Giant Babies Urge Londoners to Bet on the Royal Infant's Hair Color

From Adweek

William and Kate's incoming royal baby has been a hot topic of conversation in England for a while now, but apparently it's also the subject of high-stakes betting. In fact, gambling website Paddy Power is still taking bets on pretty much everything about the baby's life, and dressed up four people as ugly babies to reflect the current hair-color odds as a weird and somewhat tasteless promotional tactic. The babies even made a stop at Buckingham Palace, so at least Paddy Power is as gutsy as ... Quick Read

'You'll Be Talking to Someone Who is Passionate About Advertising.'

From Adweek

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Nancy Hill  ... Quick Read

You Can Actually Have a Conversation Over a Bottle of Rosé.'

From Adweek

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Elda Choucair  ... Quick Read

Ad of the Day: Honda

From Adweek

Full disclosure: I have a collection of Transformers toys that is way too large for a sane adult man to reasonably own. And this new Honda advertisement from Wieden + Kennedy in London makes the part of me that refuses to age very, very happy. Especially the little ASIMO robot saying "Konnichiwa!" ("Good afternoon!") just before it runs away. Also, the notion that this guy has a little strip on both his arms that is presumably entirely free of hair from that one moment ... Quick Read

Archer and Cable TV?s Other Demographic Dominators

From nymag

Last season was something of a tipping point in the decades-old battle between broadcast TV and cable: For the first time ever, a cable series ? AMC's The Walking Dead ? ended as the No. 1 show on all of television among the advertiser-craved demo of adults under 50. Yes, ... More » ... Quick Read

Theater Reviews: Buyer and Cellar and Choir Boy

From nymag

Buyer and Cellar (at the Barrow Street Theatre through October 13) Jonathan Tolins's multicharacter megalogue?starring the ticklishly talented,  ultracarbonated Michael Urie?imagines the life of an employee on Barbra Streisand's Wonka-like estate, slyly and hilariously corkscrewing a wacky story of gay icon-worship run amok with a treatise on the poignancy of ... More » ... Quick Read

Del Close Marathon Diary: Ellie Kemper Comes Back to the UCB for Its Annual Improv Festival

From nymag

The Del Close Marathon is an annual New York improv festival put on by the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in honor of legendary Chicago improv teacher/guru Del Close. What started as 24 hours' worth of shows on a single stage has expanded, in its fifteenth year, to 420 shows on ... More » ... Quick Read

Is Bunheads Doomed? Why the Beloved Ballet Series Could Still Come Back

From nymag

ABC Family has torn down the Bunheads sets. The network?s new dramas The Fosters and Twisted are currently outperforming the numbers that Amy Sherman-Palladino?s ballet series was pulling in. There?s been no word yet on a second season, and it was not submitted for Emmy consideration, even though six other eligible ABC Family series were: Baby Daddy, The ... More » ... Quick Read

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