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Study: Reading, Intellectual Engagement, Slow Effects Of Aging On The Brain

From Arts Journal

"The study suggests that while a mentally active lifestyle may not prevent formation of the plaques and tangles associated with Alzheimer's disease, it makes it less likely their presence will impair one's mental functioning." Pacific Standard 07/04/13 ... Quick Read

Why Music Competitions Don't Work

From Arts Journal

"Given their record of near-total failure to identify artists of promise, why does anyone still bother to hold music competitions at all? It seems clear that they've become irrelevant--especially now that the road to success for classical musicians is no longer as well defined as it was in 1958." The Wall Street Journal 07/05/13 ... Quick Read

The Music Industry Has Been Transformed. Now What?

From Arts Journal

"The past decade radically changed the music industry's landscape. What do the next 10 hold? We asked the best and brightest to look into the crystal ball and tell us what they saw." The Wall Street Journal 07/05/13 ... Quick Read

Broadway's Complicated Calculus For Success

From Arts Journal

"As Broadway's current crop of plays now achieve profitability (or fail to), the lineup of recent hits vs. misses serves as a stark reminder that star casting isn't the only variable in the math of a nonmusical success." Variety 07/04/13 ... Quick Read

'Dark Knight Returns' No. 2 cover to be auctioned

From Boston Herald

PHILADELPHIA ? It is the comic book cover that captured the grim visage of an older, wiser ? and meaner ? Batman.Now, the 1986 pen and ink creation ? drawn by writer/artist Frank Miller ? that is the cover to "The Dark Knight Returns" No. 2 will be sold next month in Dallas by Heritage Auctions.It's the first cover from DC Comics' 1986 four-issue "Dark Knight" miniseries to be sold and is expected to go for more than $500,000.Miller's story "radically altered the direction of comics," said ... Quick Read

First impressions

From The Australian

AN outstanding exhibition at the NGV is devoted to Australian artists who worked in France and were influenced by the impressionists. ... Quick Read

Playing all the angles

From The Australian

ETHAN Hawke has had the most unique of careers. On the eve of Before Midnight, we meet the actor, director, novelist and music lover  in New York. ... Quick Read

Small miracles

From The Australian

CRESSIDA Campbell makes an art of  everyday life but she has had to work through a period of intense loss. ... Quick Read

The last laugh

From The Australian

HIS stock has never been higher, but Benjamin Britten is still often seen as difficult. This centenary year will change that. ... Quick Read

Grandaddy cool

From The Australian

KEITH Richards on turning 70, cleaning up his act - well, sort of - and why the Stones have never been tighter. ... Quick Read

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