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German energy: White elephants seen in North Sea

From Economist

The calm before the storm HAVING decided to shut its nuclear power plants over the coming decade, Germany?s big idea for keeping the lights on is the Energiewende, or energy transition, a state-backed drive towards renewable energy. One of its most ambitious elements is to build 14 gigawatts (GW) of wind turbines off the North Sea and Baltic coasts by 2023, to provide about 9% of the country?s electricity needs by then. In the North Sea eight huge platforms will also be built, each seven ... Quick Read

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Gives Wounded Veterans a New Life

From Entrepreneur

Disabled veterans often find the return to civilian life difficult, especially when seeking jobs. Now, a university program thinks it has the key to their independence: turn them into entrepreneurs. ... Quick Read

5 Good Reasons to Use an Ewallet When Shopping Online

From Ariticle Base

Are you wondering about how useful an ewallet would be to you when shopping online? If so, this article discusses just that topic. There are five reasons why you should consider using an electronic wallet next time you're shopping online, including security, efficiency and more. Keep reading to learn more. ... Quick Read

Apple Hires Former Yves Saint Laurent CEO for 'Special Projects'

From Entrepreneur

Paul Deneve, former chief of the French luxury group, will report to Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook. ... Quick Read

Oregon Is Doing Free Higher Education the Right Way

From American Prospects

On Monday, the Oregon Senate unanimously passed a bill already passed by the Oregon House that creates a study committee to develop a pilot program for making Oregon public higher education tuition-free (I, II). From The Wall Street Journal: Oregon's legisla ... Quick Read

The Part-Timer Problem

From American Prospects

The Obama Administration?s decision to delay for a year the penalty that employers (in firms of 50 or more employees) must pay if they don?t provide health insurance to their workers shines a light on a problem that may be even more profound than getting health coverage for every American: that is, the decline of the American job. The employer mandate was designed for an economy in which American workers were employed in what had been normal jobs. In firms of 50 or more, all workers who put in ... Quick Read

The Real Robert E. Lee

From American Prospects

Today is the 150th anniversary of the final day of the Battle of ?Gettysburg, and with that in mind, it?s worth remembering the particular actions of Confederate soldiers a week earlier, as they marched north into Pennsylvania. In the movement that culminated in Gettysburg, Robert E. Lee?s men kidnapped free blacks by the hundreds?men, women, and children. Up to a thousand were captured and forced into labor with the Confederate Army. And during the eventual retreat from Pennsylvania, they ... Quick Read

The Magic of Leaked Memos

From American Prospects

Supposedly, people in the White House are told when they start working there that you shouldn't put anything down on paper or email that you wouldn't like to see on the front page of The Washington Post. Not only are lots of documents subject to open records laws, they can be subpoenaed by Congress or a court, or much more likely, just get leaked by one of your co-workers. So you'd think White House staff would exercise some care when it comes to memo writing. Alas, they apparently do not. ... Quick Read

Yahoo Buys Mobile App Qwiki

From Entrepreneur

Yahoo agrees to buy the movie-making app for iPhones, as it tries to increase its presence in the world of smartphones and tablets. ... Quick Read

Michael Dell Told to Raise Dell Offer as Carl Icahn Ups the Stakes

From Entrepreneur

The founder has been advised to raise his $24.4 billion offer for Dell, coming under further pressure from billionaire investor Carl Icahn. ... Quick Read

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