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Nicki Minaj is Attracted to Intelligent Rappers

June 3, 2011

For all you upcoming rappers, if you really want to impress Nicki Minaj…..make sure you're rhymes are clever as ever! In an interview with 5 magazine, Minaj revealed that she has always been attracted to intelligent rappers….and at one point believed Jay-Z was the gospel. “It was like whatever Jay-Z says is the gospel because he was smart. I was always attracted to intelligent rappers. Like if you can make me think… That's why I'm so into metaphors. I love double meanings of things. Just having people look at things in a different way because all my favorite rappers [like Lil Wayne] that's what they do, that's what intrigued me.' Nobody wants to be with a dumb rapper…that's just a bad combination.

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