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World Blood Donor Day: Everything You Need To Know

June 7, 2011

World Blood Donor Day is one week away, and now more than ever, voluntary blood donations are sorely needed. According to the World Health Organization, less than 1% of the population in 77 countries is responsible for all donations. But if 1% of a country's population donated blood, it would be sufficient to meet the country's basic blood requirements for all transfusions. And while we might be spurred to action by the illness of a loved one or injury of a friend, it's important to remember that there is a constant stream of hospital patients who need our help. So to help you get ready to roll up your sleeves and donate your life-giving red stuff on June 14th (you better do it, don't make us give you the stink-eye), we chatted with Janet Wong from the Canadian Blood Services who filled us in on everything you'll need to know about the donation process and giving blood. More »

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World Blood Donor Day: Everything You Need To Know

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