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Go Nomad ?Know Thy Limits?

August 13, 2011

Your bags are packed, you're at the airport and ready to travel, but are you really? Are you prepared for additional baggage fees? Before you check your bags it?s important to know your airline?s baggage weight limits. If you don?t you could end up like Luke Dudley, founder of, who had the travel nightmare of owing a pricey $500 for being over limit. Lucky for him, he had friends nearby who agreed to ship the extra weight, but you might not be so lucky. So, educate yourself. Look up these fees ahead of time and there?s no better way to do this than using an online directory for different ticket classes and varying baggage policies of 175 airlines. Dudley?s offers just that. It?s all in one place and it?s all online, making a comprehensive and accessible traveler?s guide.

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